by Lunarscathe

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released March 28, 2015

Royce Hix - all instruments
Additional songwriting contributions from Mike Kisly, Taylor Hix, and Jon Michels




Lunarscathe Wisconsin

Melodic metal from Brown Deer, WI

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Track Name: Uploading of the Mind
Individual thoughts
Become nameless files
Sentimental memories
Overwritten with new data

You can have my body, but leave my brain
The thoughts I’ll carry to the grave

All of my recollections have turned binary
I live in ones and zeroes

The residual incest
The dying mother’s brain is copied to the female fetus
The aging father’s brain is copied to the government built clones

Uploading of the mind
To redundant data hives

Perhaps the servers all die
Power generators fail
Programmers tweaking code
Of genetic diodes

You can have my body, but leave my brain
I will not hide from my grave

Erasing the unborn
Overwritten with greed and adult scorn

Uploading of the mind
To redundant data hives
Uploading of the mind
To redundant data hives

Eternity, immortality, putting your brains in brand new bodies
Format, all dead, reverse, nature
Beyond, what’s left, eclipse, savior

Release my mind
Track Name: Mistladen Pathways
Gone - into the unknown

Traverse the Earth to ease the curse, blinded as nature turns to worse
Caress the freshly dewed clouds, amidst this pallid fog shroud
Demons emerge from the shadows, preying eyes reveal in dim light
Alone and navigating, warped worlds of death stagnating

Their roars bellow deep
Shaking the landscape clean of any minor glimpse of hope
Thunderous footsteps crawl
Tension grows unable to see further than you’re able to

Reach - into the unknown

Echoes grow louder, miasma starts to scald
Acidic ground gives out, blood plasma implodes

Demons show their faces, within this shroud of death
Eyes glimmer painful, their blank stares bereft

Their claws scathe in deep
Poison numbs nervous systems, paralysis quickly sets in
Eyelids fall heavily
Unconscious on a mist laden pathway, became their prey

An alternate world appears
Where light shines through, where there is no fear
An alternate world disappears
Adrenaline brings brain back to reality
An alternate world disappears
Venom and murk seep into decrepit lungs
This world becomes real

No words can pass, no sight is seen
Paralysis and doom soon meet
Eyes sewn shut, a torturous scene
Drenched in crimson crystalline

As nature feeds
Track Name: Hydrosphere
Open wide, embrace the sea
Watch the waves and tides as they breathe
Stand aghast, and man the levees
Oceans are rising and start to breach

Enter the hydrosphere

Citizens run inward, don’t have an escape
Those who reside, have put up their gates
Emigrants enlist, wars are fought for land
Still the rivers flow, and overtake the sand

Your world starts falling apart
Cities burning in flames
Society has shattered
Now as futile as primates
As futile as primates
Warring over shrinking plots of land
As futile as they come
Warring over shrinking plots of land
Onward it flows
Onward it flows
Onward it flows
Onward it flows, the hydrosphere

It calls, the rivers, the nature, the world
It falters, the towers, the buildings, all submerge
The mountains, start falling, in landslides, upon the dirt
No hiding, no running, ships are full, toppled and sunk

No surprise, fear and chaos overload the boats
Not enough to carry the burden of human cargo

Enter the hydrosphere
Enter the hydrosphere
Hear everything drown
Watch everything drown

The planet finally at rest

It calls, the rivers, the nature, the world
It falters, the towers, the buildings, all submerge
The mountains, start falling, in landslides, upon the dirt
No hiding, no running, ships are full, toppled and sunk
Now drown
Watch everything drown
Sink into the hydrosphere
Track Name: Empty Vessel
Harvested wastelands, vacant of hope
Weed-ridden gardens, infertile soils

Carve out your flesh, extract the nutrients
Take anything you can get
Gasp in a breath, ease in the emptiness
Suffocate in the fetid air

Rake dead leaves, consume for power
There’s nothing left in this dire hour
Cannibals, cadavers for food
Hunger leading all to swoon
With nothing to eat drink or breathe
We’re driving ourselves to bleed

Exhale the elements, fevered and slow
Weakening tectonics, crust brittle and weak

Now that we’ve absorbed everything
There are no means left to live
Exponentially increasing our life spans
The need for sustenance elevates as well

The innards of the Earth have been raped
We’re parasites on an empty vessel
We’re vermin

This world so quickly turned to gray
Colorless lives seem so bleak
This world is nearing to its end
As is our race, and all sentience

We are just parasites
We are just vermin
Track Name: Scent of an Incubus
Oh mistress, don’t you worry
I’ll take gentle care of your flesh
You might not sense me stalking
In the stillness of my caress

Lost in this madness of lust that you’ve wandered
Rest your body and lay for a while
Lower your head and adorn this pearl necklace
Open up, let us sin and defile

Scent of an incubus – you can’t help but follow

Oh darling, why such a hurry?
Don’t stray from our love divine
Can’t you feel the distance closing?
Let me into the depths of your mind

Full now of me in this twisted position
Bite your tongue lest I wretch it from you
As we coil in a carnal transfixion
Blood flows as your canvas is hewed

So follow along, to this dark haven
Let’s tend those wounds
Once you’re better, consciousness returned
You’ll thank me later

Don’t, don’t you leave me now
Soon others will catch my scent, and gather with torches in stow
Let’s run
Run, jump, fly away – into the sunlit morning
Run, jump, fly away – my brainwashed devotee

Harbor me as your partner, shelter me as your friend
Inhale me in carnality, praise me as your god
Desecrate the humanity, behind your vacant glance

Broken and bleeding you’ll sink in the sand
I bury your body then escape in flight
Take just one bone to my assortment to add
Then depart and blend in the night

Scent of an incubus – you couldn’t help but follow
Scent of an incubus – you couldn’t help but follow

The mob assembles at your grave, but there’s a weak one in the back
The eyes gaze approvingly, so I clutch another one in my grasp
Track Name: Finite Collapse
All matter expanding outward
From the origin explosion
Do boundaries exist?
When will we reach them?

Expansion infinite
End in finite collapse

All matter collapsing inward
From the reaches of all stars
Boundaries were met
Now time and space collide

Skies storming meteors of death, beauty in the painful whole
Ground quaking molten creaks of the end, the universe starts to implode
Glowing brighter, again forming, one mass star

Expansion infinite
End in finite collapse

No humans left to know how the story ends
All the matter of all time collects again
To explode in a bright array of creation
Devours the words and history of our habitation

The universe reborn

And light returns
The worlds all burn
Track Name: Agglomerate
Political machinery, marks eminent domain
Steals from those above to spread prosperity
Youth take the bait, submit to their will
Think “hey if it benefits us, we may as well”

Bit by bit

Oligarchic monopoly, receives all the funds
CEOs are ousted, a faceless agent takes the head
Raping innovation, tearing at the flesh of thought
They won the impoverished, now reverse the trend

State by state

They’re coming, they’re coming
Repossess your property
Take ownership of your family

The feast becomes your burden

They took every bit that you willingly gave
Won their battles then abandoned the masquerade
Pockets lined and power consolidated
You’ve nothing to your name but they’ll take that too

The free market savior is long lost
The elected give themselves eternal terms
Protests form but are quickly silenced
Into the stillness of wretched mass graves

So just give in, give in, give in or die
Just give in, give in, give up
To be at peace, just give up everything
Track Name: Cease Being
Wake today to the sun, how did I earn the light?
Each ray dismayed to waste, each second a lie

Tonight’s the time for I to wash away, against the feeble tides bruised in dismay
Emotions swell, a surge comes forth to quell, uphold the rings to my death knell

Lighting fires aloud, atrophy from my cloud
Tearing out your world, in fragmentizing quarrels

Your heads harrowed low, I remember, the times of which we used to splendor
You’ve all traveled much too far, we always seem to encounter my harm

Years pass and still in lunacy
No changes in life mold the signs
The burden bubbles underneath
Your medicine could never cure

Those around try to pull closer, I push away indifferent, colder
The deeper you dive, darker it gets, drowning in this cerebral cesspit

Cease being the sea shrill of misery, cease being a seeker of reason
Cease being the sea shrill of misery, cease being a seeker of reason
Let go of life and set you all free

I’ve inflicted enough damage in this life, this pallid inflection of my misspent time
Still brooding inside my shell of cowardice, fantasizing of death to be at rest

Breathing slowly and silently, breathe it in
Bleeding slowly and silently, keep it in

Translucent skin starts to burn true
This desperate hopelessness is shown
Deafening silence fills the room
I grab the tools and wait for the tide

Cease being the sea shrill of misery, cease being a seeker of reason
Cease being the sea shrill of misery, cease being a seeker of reason
Let go of life and set you all free

“Don’t worry, I’ll go alone and quietly
There is no need for drama, just a need to be free
Escape, run away, or sit and witness a death”
A final warning with my pitiful breath
Track Name: Orbit
Someday I’d like to put my feet on the moon
Toes in the lunar sand, I hope that day arrives soon

A mission taken, a goal in life achieved
The mere attempt is far good enough for me
Preparations are currently complete
As I await my solar fleet, to go in orbit

Launch time is now, the countdown has begun
I’ve buckled tight and there farther goes the sun
The clouds grow brighter, passing through their air
Arriving at a new level of atmosphere

Wave goodbye, regardless that they can’t see my eyes
Blackened skies, the void called space all outside

Sensors are chirping, heat levels arise
This can’t be right, this isn’t right
Oxygen levels slip, windows start to fog
This can’t be right, this isn’t right, this is fucked - in orbit

Herald the escape pod, technological savior at work
The engine shuts down, movement and time is stilled

Our planet grows in vision, but I have failed
This mission went to waste, for my life I had to bail

Radioing in, speaking with the charge
The captain swift at hand and always on guard
His penetrating words, scathe me to the bone
Sound ceases in my fright, what do I still not know?

In orbit

I now know what he knows, this pod was not meant to escape
Arriving in the stratosphere, this pod and I incinerate
Track Name: Cryonic Embalming Chamber
Caught at the finish of life, before the journey to the end
No sympathy can remedy, the imminent fade to death

Distant thunder, roars from the barren fields of fatality
Isolated grief, rears its pallid wretch of insanity

Sickness to perish, freeze me until life
Cryonic embalming chamber, frozen to death

Twisted spine of weakness, bent and scarred over time
Feeble human body has aged, needs a savior of cryonic design

Cancerous stigmas, suffer the guilty as everyone’s guilty
Personal indulgence, brought me to my knees beckoning for a second chance

We must know, there’s no cure, there’s no answer
Liquid nitrogen fills my chest
Rage and greed, affording, embalming
Frozen Egyptian mummification tomb

Dark, blind, dead - life fades out
Dark, blind, dead - for the prize
Dark, blind, dead - soul heads south
Dark, blind, dead - spear my eyes

Sickness to perish, freeze me until life
Cryonic embalming chamber, frozen to death

By my choice, I stepped in, to this chamber
To be thawed when a cure can be found
Yet my voice, is a lull, and it’s hopeless
Sinking in crystal particles soon to drown

A corpse, floating in my concatenation
Into the light I’d hoped to escape
Now my frigid indoctrination
Has caused my life to fade to gray
Track Name: Twenty Forty
I don’t recognize my face anymore - I must regain my consciousness today

We’ll storm the rising towers, upon your starlit clouds
To collect a reason for this all
Stare through the windows in awe, about the machines we saw
That we’ll become in due time

I can’t believe - what I’m seeing, can’t be real

Break down the door to the lab, your sorry faces in hand
Gored and mounted on the walls
Rip out the wiring that wreaths, a full control over me
As we make a swift escape away

I can’t believe - what I’ve seen, can’t be real

Realized this can’t be the one command center
The networked routers change paths, wires, and senders
Even if I’m cured I know I’m craftily engineered
The human soul is minimal, the bionic pioneer

Implanted - we are all fake
Bionic - this is our fate

We are all fake, this is our fate
We are all fake, this is our fate

The circuitry awry, our spirits return to mind
Time allots to regain, self-fulfilled titan’s strength

Implanted - we are all fake
Bionic - this is our…
Circuitry awry, our spirits return to mind
Time allots to regain, self-fulfilled titan’s strength
Utilizing these legs, manufactured appendages
Flesh and platinum twine

Stomp across your labs with my wrought iron fists
Constructed of your own chemical ionic bonds
Paltry humans knocked back by psionic wits
Decapitated and thrust to space beyond

You haven’t paid enough

Annihilate the guilty scientists who run
Those cowards end humanity and opt for supremacy
World domination to you shined down from the sun
Your fail safe for me is gone, there’s no end to my killing spree

I have lost my will

I sense my power is fading, my body is not my own to control
The overlords have cast me down
My frail human remains, the bionics shut down and self-destruct
Fade into memory