Tainted Well

from by Lunarscathe

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The source of life has been tainted
Resistant bacterium flow through the pipes

Water moves, navigates
All of it, intertwined
One entrance, all it needs
Infests, perpetually

But how did the sickness emerge?
Was it maliciously introduced?
Did it catch some spores in the breeze?
Or are there traitors who roam free?

No matter, they research a cure
But they have failed, overused the antibiotics
Evolution, adapts to their weapons
They are losing, versus the infinitesimal

Once they learn
Then they misapply
The strains grow
Resist and multiply

Tending to the piles of fresh corpses
The graveyards are filled to the brim of death
The crematoriums reek of decomposition
This village is in horrible peril

Is there hope that any aid is on its way?
Or are they quarantined, condemned to death?
Are the rivers also contaminated?
Perhaps the aqueduct is fully compromised?

Tides flow, ebb and fade
All liquid, concatenate
No exit, all is lost
Marred, marked for death

While they wilt away, they find the culprits
Some wicked cultists tainted the well
They signed a suicide pact, the evidence written in blood
But did not want to leave their village, full of widows and orphans
Put their heads on pikes, burn their bodies bright, one ounce of solace before the plague
Ends all life


from Westward, released August 17, 2016




Lunarscathe Wisconsin

Melodic metal from Brown Deer, WI

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