by Lunarscathe



A set of demos recorded throughout 2010/2011


released April 10, 2012




Lunarscathe Wisconsin

Melodic metal from Brown Deer, WI

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Track Name: Mistladen Pathways (demo)
Gone - into the unknown

Traverse the Earth to ease the curse, blinded as nature turns to worse
Caress the freshly dewed clouds, amidst this pallid fog shroud
Demons emerge from the shadows, preying eyes reveal in dim light
Alone and navigating, warped worlds of death stagnating

Their roars bellow deep
Shaking the landscape clean of any minor glimpse of hope
Thunderous footsteps crawl
Tension grows unable to see further than you’re able to

Reach - into the unknown

Echoes grow louder, miasma starts to scald
Acidic ground gives out, blood plasma implodes

Demons show their faces, within this shroud of death
Eyes glimmer painful, their blank stares bereft

Their claws scathe in deep
Poison numbs nervous systems, paralysis quickly sets in
Eyelids fall heavily
Unconscious on a mist laden pathway, became their prey

An alternate world appears
Where light shines through, where there’s no fear
An alternate world disappears
Adrenaline brings brain back to reality
An alternate world disappears
Venom and murk seep into decrepit lungs

No words can pass, no sight is seen
Paralysis and doom soon meet
A wretched failure upon this path
This enlightened life was short to last

As nature feeds