by Lunarscathe

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Written in 2015, recorded early 2016


released August 17, 2016

Royce Hix




Lunarscathe Wisconsin

Melodic metal from Brown Deer, WI

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Track Name: Metempsychosis
Am I real?

Blood-drenched machinery birthed anew, electric motors grind
Coagulated oil combusts again, decades in waiting
Hydraulic limbs move in rhythms, like tides in and out
Familiar feelings of pain resontate, through this frail being

The download completed, from uploaded youth
Decades since deprecated, code rewritten anew

The human element persists violated
Beneath hollow steel husk degraded
The rebirth animates frigid remains
Wrought regenerated indisposible

The soul persists – but the flesh is null
The body insignificant – transmigration is all

Transmigration is all

Reinvigorate, a killing machine, try to retrain
Reconstruction done, history is seen, but ought not repeat
A bloody rampage, written on the page, see in disbelief
Was this really me? Can my soul be free? From the sins I have waged

The soul persists – but the flesh is null
The body insignificant – transmigration is all

The killing element persists concentrated
Within glazed over pupils redilated
The humanity rapidly evaporates vanishes
Memories once regained quickly wash away
All that exists is new, history forgotten
The empty soul remains intact – metempsychosis
Track Name: Westward
Just look west, for the solutions to all extant problems
Just look west, for guidance and wisdom to solve every dilemma

Conspire in night, under the unwavering stars
Betwixt their archaic silence unto a prudent start
The sorrow of light, incessant cacophony
Of bemoaned days and time pilfered away by scorching reverberations

Deafening noise will break to silence
The passive astral ghosts offer auspice
Garish light will dim more modestly
The vacant space promotes lucidity

Borne in horrors, hunger – sickness – poverty – rape
Illuminated by auroras to solve each cruel infraction
The populous cries, unto an unforgiving sun
That basks in blistering tempers of the wretchedly imperfect

Solace is lost in the solar void
Twilight onsets a temperate breeze of hope
Silence is lost in the vast noise
Midnight condigns wisdom unto the willing

But who is willing to embrace her?
Who can truly see past their own eyes?

Just look west for her sphere of influence
Her soft reflection paints the welkin
The pandemonium of human’s lies
Stare beyond infinity with lunar scrying
Just go west
Track Name: Cursed Race
They herd in droves toward the blinding light
Knowing not the fate of their pursuits

Cataracts that last a lifetime
Skin burns and sores that refuse to heal

Fanatics spar over ritual areas
Absolve their bodies to this solar deity

Their flesh is scarred by the death inducing beams
Yet they fawn for more exposure
The risks thoroughly researched and detailed
There is no logic behind their ignorant devotion

The curse expands its grasp
The afflicted show their faces
Foolish people drawn to light
Paying the essence of their lives

Braggarts boast of their enlightenment
But the intelligent stay in the shadows

A race drawn to self harm
Inflicting their own end
A race spawned in cursed dawn
Arising to empyreal behest

No cure exists for this scourge
The darkness saves those who rise above
Their dying words still harbor patronage
Die beneath the solar god they served
Serve their curse
Track Name: Vektor
Call the horn, to fell their helm
This wage of war, with magic’s help

Magitek, the armor in new trials
Designed to mindwash and kill
By harvesting, the strength of an esper child
Subjected to death

At vektor, where the emperor rules from his throne
And the espers imprisoned from their home

Force the crown, enslaving all
To wake the gods, the Triad

The torture chambers and experiments
Testing the ends of esper’s health
Absorb their strength then toss the waste
Of magicite to incinerate

But the war is raging, the Returners arriving, a new world is dawning
Burn the continents, devoured by elements
Channel the espers’ strength, to slay the general

As vektor sank into the tower
As vektor sank into the tower

Vektor, where the emperor ruled from his throne
And the espers came back to overthrow
All of vektor
And the remnants serve the tower’s base
Track Name: Lunatic Fringe
Your faces seem familiar
But your hatred makes no sense
Why you said what’s been said

Your voices speak the words
But their sounds are meaningless
Answers lead to dead ends

There’s no compromise
It’s all absolute
The polarity turns debate into dispute
There’s no empathy
It’s all destitute
But when no one wins, everyone must lose

Wielding weapons of vicious lies
Torment one another into malice
Build the trenches, pour the moat
The war is won with each vote

The lunatics strive to make a point
But logic and reason devolve in emotion
The lunatics want to hear their voice
As it rambles incoherently forever

While the country suffers in stagnance
Track Name: Carnal Justice
Left work early, driving on our road
Why is his car parked in the driveway of our home?
Call your phone but no response, open the door cautiously
Is that distant moaning what I fear it could be?

Walk upstairs, headboard is banging, shadows entangling, an erotic scent
Suspicions confirmed, a mind full of doubt, builds blind rage, as you’ll soon find out

I’ve been through such pain from you
Carnal justice this bed will be his tomb
This bed will be his tomb

Watch for a minute, he’s thrusting in deeply
You claw at his back with reckless indifference to cheating
Moans grow louder, the sheets have been stained
There are no chemicals to clean the betrayal and shame

Open the door, all eye contact, sheets pulled up, and stories created
Get on the floor, serve me as you served him, make him witness, before I say that

I’ve been through such pain from you
Carnal justice this bed will be your tomb
This bed will be your tomb

I unholster my pistol, his wounds create a fountain
Spattering our room in a perfect crime scene crimson

I force you at gunpoint to lay down
In the pools of your suitor’s blood
Fornicate with me like you did him
It’ll all end soon enough
Come to me, come for me
Rub it raw, taste the
Then shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot

A visceral scene, two corpses and me
All that remains of our once precious history
But prison seems arduous, living feels pointless
I guess my body will make three

This bed will be our tomb
Track Name: Tainted Well
The source of life has been tainted
Resistant bacterium flow through the pipes

Water moves, navigates
All of it, intertwined
One entrance, all it needs
Infests, perpetually

But how did the sickness emerge?
Was it maliciously introduced?
Did it catch some spores in the breeze?
Or are there traitors who roam free?

No matter, they research a cure
But they have failed, overused the antibiotics
Evolution, adapts to their weapons
They are losing, versus the infinitesimal

Once they learn
Then they misapply
The strains grow
Resist and multiply

Tending to the piles of fresh corpses
The graveyards are filled to the brim of death
The crematoriums reek of decomposition
This village is in horrible peril

Is there hope that any aid is on its way?
Or are they quarantined, condemned to death?
Are the rivers also contaminated?
Perhaps the aqueduct is fully compromised?

Tides flow, ebb and fade
All liquid, concatenate
No exit, all is lost
Marred, marked for death

While they wilt away, they find the culprits
Some wicked cultists tainted the well
They signed a suicide pact, the evidence written in blood
But did not want to leave their village, full of widows and orphans
Put their heads on pikes, burn their bodies bright, one ounce of solace before the plague
Ends all life
Track Name: Mass
Fault lines give way and crumble
Giant cracks carve through the earth
An oncoming catastrophe

Civilization collapses
Sucked into a colossal sinkhole
Gravity is far too massive
Humans cannot resist nor run

The leaders watch satellite footage
They’re at a loss for a solution

The hollow continues its rapid expansion
Entire metropolises are washed away
Humans are pulled in the chasm and all implode
Millions are wiped away in unstoppable motion
Molten craters devour all trace of existence

Like the old adage, if a species is eradicated
But no one is around to hear it, does it scream aloud?
Any extant signs of life are lost in chasm
Track Name: Epitaph
What is there to be said? - What is there to be written?
Tell me

Lived a life of no accomplishment
Made no friends to part their thoughts
Pushed an estranged family away
No highs no lows, nothing of note

The expectation of something memorable to etch into the stone
Awash in mediocrity that words serve no purpose

Don’t waste your breath - don’t waste your intellect
In both life and in death
Equally vacant

Don’t waste your time - don’t waste your empathy
In both life and in death

Inter the body into the earth
The cheap coffin will decompose
But even the worm infested lacquer
Is more remarkable than the corpse inside

A humdrum collection with average value
Left in storage for nobody to claim

All societal procedures are over
The deed is done
The empty funeral home is closed
The soil is sunk

Don’t waste your stone - don’t waste your equipment
In both life and in death
No epitaph needed

Don’t waste your dirt - don’t waste your acreage
In both life and in death
A forgotten crypt

The gravestone bears no name
For no one knows who lays in waste
An unetched stone sits on display
To mark this final resting place
Track Name: Black Future
Black future - black future

Wartime crimes, bankrupt economy
Political madness, mass extermination

Pay no mind to the reason, the end will arrive
Whether it’s for the individual, or all humankind
There is no sign of hope, all is destined to die
It’s safer to accept defeat, than struggle through life

Sunspot scalding, atmosphere crash
Volcanoes exploding, levees collapse

Tomorrow’s an enigma
Why try to predict?

Any intervention, cannot stave off cataclysm
Whether self-inflicted, or nature’s scorn
Promises are spiteful, as none can be upheld
All positive prospects, end the minute you’re born

After all though, we’re stuck here
Yearn and watch the moon tonight
For all of tomorrow’s beauty
Is lost if you awaken blind

All the fragile neuron firings
Try to hide the ugly truth

Black future – black future
Black future – black future
Track Name: Moonlight
Follow the moonlight
Away from the daily entropy
Westward to infinity
Perpetually drifting to solace
The shadows encapsulate
And bring forth their quiet peace

Follow the moonlight
Away from the devastation and extremity of the day
To an ever-radiating reverie beneath the stars

Doom spelled out by twilight
The cacophony of the daytime
Blinding sights and bruising noise
Diminish all the lives

It doesn’t take much to see
It doesn’t take much to feel

The science, the guidance, the savior
It’s faithless, quite basic, no deity

Follow the moonlight – to lunacy – to tranquility
Follow the moonlight – to lunacy – to destiny

Lunacy, relinquish the stigma
Give yourself unto her breadth
Lovelorn, enamored of night
Devour yourself in the cosmos

The sordid bleakness of the future
Forge a new avenue
When you’ve fallen weak, the guidance you need
Will always shine to the west

Empowered, passionate, reinvigorated
Once wandered, now revived, bask in gray light

Follow the moonlight – to lunacy – to tranquility
Follow the moonlight – to lunacy – to destiny
Beyond destiny, creation, dimension, ubiquity
Track Name: Drowning (Stabbing Westward cover)
I'm drowning in nothing
Nothing real
Nothing left
I'm losing myself
Sinking deeper down

Leaving this behind
Nothing left but me
I'm hating myself
Everyone hates me now

Everything has changed
Everyone has changed
But me
Everyone has changed